Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Saydee's Kitchen and updates

we fixed peter's garage a few days ago and quite frankly, i see a lot of potential in it. Saydee's Kitchen will go a long way, i just know it. we got some utensils, we cleared out the garage, we started building our own DIY reading library, so yeah, we're almost there. here are some pictures of what we've been up to.

as you can see, we're very serious about this, and we plan to do our best to keep it together. also, there will be a show this friday at the Elevation Bar along Jacinto Extension, the bands stated to play are Anxiety To Hysteria, As A Whole, Caitlyn Bailey, Clobberin' Time, Fast Move, On Burial Grounds, and Struggle for Equality and Culture (S.E.C.). entrance is p20, so bring friends. there are only a few conditions though.

click on picture to show big poster

  • bring fun
  • bring fun
  • bring fun
  • no violence
  • no assholes

well, that's it. till next time.


YES, that's me on the poster for Locked And Loaded. i'm such a whore, aren't i?

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